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My sole Internet software projects are described here. Many of them are allowed for downloading and limited trial evaluation. Follow correspondent link in description column for more information.

AI and ML | API | Web Applications | Desktop Computer Applications | Mobile Phone Applications | Automated Test Applications
Description Platform Screenshot
Training project Mobile Phones RDBMS demonstrates simple client-server system built on modern Internet technologies. It consists of relational database, enterprize application server and regular Web based customer terminal. Read more...Customer terminal: HTML 4.1, CSS 2.1, JavaScript 1.2
Server: Sun Application Server 9.1
Java Server Faces 1.2
Database: MySQL 5.0.27, JDBC 5.0.4
Training project Internet Shop demonstrates complex client-server system comprising remote multi-tier units: order processor, database of goods, its Web based manager and emulator of point of sale station (customer). Read more...Shop and Client: Console Java module (JDK 1.5)
Database manager: JSP, HTML 4.1, CSS 2.1, JavaScript 1.2
Database: MySQL 4.1, JDBC 5.0.4
Server: Sun Application Server 9 or Tomcat 5.x
New project for this site demonstrates tricky programming technologies that allow to build modern private Web portal running on restricted public server. Read more...Client: HTML 4.1, CSS 2.1, JavaScript 1.2, WML 1.1
Server: PHP 4.0
Training project Web Portal (made as artifical site) demonstrates power of Java programming technologies to build mordern enterprise Web portal.Client: HTML 4.1, CSS 2.1, JavaScript 1.2
Server: J2EE compatible, JSP