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Mobile Phones RDBMS




This training Java project demonstrates simple example of client-server system built on modern Internet technologies like JavaServer Faces. It consists of relational database, enterprize application server and regular Web based customer terminal.

The system serves as useful tool to search various parameters of mobile devices, lookup mobile software and find quick path to web sites of respected manufacturers. User is able to control representation of data and perform basic data filtering. Qualified users can add, modify and delete records. Authentication is not a goal of this application and is completely based on RDBMS features. Application language is exclusively Russian but this is not a limitation of design but intended restriction of training project.

This project has secondary focus on separation of database structure from server code as much as possible. Live system allows to add new data columns and change column captions dynamically without need to update software code. Re-configuration of existing database structure may require minor changes in one configuration file.

End User License Agreement:

Exclusively for personal non-commercial use, with no right to make copies and transfers to third parties, with no warranties of any kind. Click over to read detailed agreement... Once you read, understand and accept entire License Agreement, click checkbox in the right column to allow downloading of software.

Implementation Comments:

The system is based on various Java™ packages despite it looks very similar to this web site design, backed by PHP core. JDBC driver is being used to connect to MySQL™ database engine. It transfers queries and returns results back to application code. The last one was built on JavaServer Faces™ technology and embeds custom component for dynamic re-configuration of tables. Web application runs on J2EE™ server like Sun Application Server™.

All the software was built within NetBeans™ IDE and comprises about 1000 lines of Java language code plus 750 lines of JSF code and 400 lines of configuration code, that was written, tested and debugged myself within 3 months time frame. It takes about 80 typical Java lines and 135 JSF lines to add next table to the application. The project experienced multiple diffuclties during development and coding cycles, showing some impact of fresh JSF technology stretched to the max. I hope next version of JSF will help to resolve all found problems.

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Download Requirements
  • J2EE server
  • Color display
  • License Agreement is accepted
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