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Personal Internet Portal


This is a simple Internet site, well suited for non critical intensity of requests. It contains menu as a page switch and a language selector. Main area is splitted into descriptive and active blocks. The portal is moderate in consuming server resources: it does not write files on the server and does not need database. Different page markup is generated for standalone and mobile web browsers.

End User License Agreement:

All content is copyrighted under law of the Republic of Belarus and applicable international treaties. Anyone can use all informative materials from the site free of charge, providing that such a copy contains a reference to this site. If these copies or excerpts are located in Internet resource, reference must provide a link allowing reader to transit to this site.

This site mentions multiple trade and registered marks. All these marks, with small exception expressed below, belong to respected legal owners. I has made all reasonable efforts to indicate these marks in texts and images shown on this site. Hyperlink to owner's web site is provided where possible, to express my respect to owners and creators of intellectual property.

Next trademarks are of my sole property: Layout Windows, H-interface and WMH-interface.

Implementation Comments:

The portal comprises PHP code version 4 and JavaScript code version 1.2 to generate Internet page markup in HTML version 4. Support of WML markup has been discontinued since 2019-07-30. Image of all pages is based on cascading style sheets (CSS) version 2.1. Software runs on any PHP compatible web server. Contents of pages has been checked with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, mobile phones simulators (s40 series) from Nokia and on limited number of real mobile phones manufactured by Nokia and Samsung.

This site automatically shows up in preferred language of your browser. Use controls on right side of menu bar to unconditionally change the language, for example, to  English .

This site also allows reader to adjust font size using standard controls of browser that displays a page. No more tiny hard coded fonts!

This site is safe when one clicks button  ← Back  or  Forward →  in the browser.

Desktop Computer
Smartphone, HTML
Phone, WML
Quality Marks:

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