Nikolai Varankine - Software Developer and Consultant
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Hi! My name is Nikolai, I am software developer from Republic of Belarus. I have been involved in this business for more than 43 years. I continue to get incredibly positive feedback while writing software code, feeling high passion resolving complex challenging problems.

Bring me the task and I will find out computer related solution, split it in pieces, write specifications and implement every part using appropriate programming language and computer system. Finally, I can perform so called "smoke" as well as functional and regression testing of created software product, using manual or automated methods and tools.

I used to apply many programming languages. Now I am focused on writing Java™ software in various areas.

Leading Projects
screenshotJava Parsing AI project is a research work devoted to Java software code analysis based on syntactical and lexical language rules embedded into AI data structures. Read more....screenshotThe research project AlexNet is focused on discovery and explanation of how internals of neural network provide recognition of depicted information. Read more...
screenshotThe Thinker™ is a math simulator instrument to perform visual examination of numerous computational processes running concurrently. Read more....screenshotNew project for this site demonstrates tricky programming technologies that allow to build modern private Web portal running on restricted public server. Read more...
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