Nikolai Varankine - Software - License Agreement
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Terms of Use
(License Agreement)

  • Customer has an exclusive, personal and not transferrable right to use the program (application) in part of its announced functionality.
  • If the program (application) utilizes third-party service, then information received with such a program could be consumed under terms of use declared in corresponding license agreement of service provider. It is not permitted to use the program or its parts other then for access to information resources of service provider. Internet page, that allows download of the program, contains a link to service provider site. By following the link, customer has a way to get familiar with a license agreement.
  • Customer unconditionally pays all expenses incurred with use of the program (application), including, but not limited to, (a) download of the program to computer or mobile device, (b) fees for Internet (WAP) access during work with the program.
  • The program (application) is supplied in conditions "AS-IS", with no any direct or implied warranties or promises of any kind, given by developer of the program and/or service provider, including but not limited to (a) availability and quality of network connection provided by mobile operator or other Internet service provider, and (b) no liability in case of customer's loss of profit or damages incurred by use of the program.
  • It is not permitted to disclosure or perform any sort of recompilation or reuse of source or binary code and other accompanying data comprizing the program (application). It is not allowed to transfer this code and data to any third parties without prior written permission given by developer of the program.
  • It is allowed personal unlimited creation of backup copies of the program and associated data installed on computer or mobile device, by means of embedded software and/or hardware tools comprizing such computer or mobile device during their original manufacturing process. It is not permitted to transfer backup copies to any third parties.