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📋 Order integration

If you are already familiar with purpose and features of Thinker™ the simulator, press the button Order below.

The Thinker is a very complex math simulator instrument. Your system or project are complex too. It requires some work to be done, to make crunching of numbers accurate, performant, and impressive. Following next is a typical list of estimated tasks. I can do it for you.

  1. Development of the model:
    1. Planning of data flows.
    2. Development of library modules holding functions, processors and data fields.
    3. Development of parameterized computing schema with connected library modules.
    4. Development of visual documentation for modules and connections.
    5. On completion, a database image and first exported XML file are created. They both contain entire model.
  2. Integration of the model:
    1. Coding readers (connectors) for data streams.
    2. Coding writers (actors) for computed data.
    3. The model can run and process data streams now.
  3. Visualization of running model results:
    1. Preparing data timelines.
    2. Coding custom viewers for computing points.
    3. The model can display streaming data now.
  4. Coding and tuning whatever else needed to link or embed the Thinker into your system (project).
  5. The Thinker is ready for installation on your computing equipment.