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This training project demonstrates an example of Java program to process transactions for library reader accounting, borrowing and return of books, as well as making reports. The program connects to local or remote database using computer network. The program controls availability of buttons that initiate database operations based on selection of spreadsheet contents.

End User License Agreement:

Exclusively for personal non-commercial use, with no right to make copies and transfers to third parties, with no warranties of any kind. Click over to read detailed agreement... Once you read, understand and accept entire License Agreement, click checkbox in the right column to allow downloading of software.

Implementation Comments:

The program is based on Java Swing™ package to build user interface. JDBC driver is being used to connect to MySQL™ database engine. It transfers queries and returns results back to program. Software was built within NetBeans™ IDE and comprises 1,700 lines of Java language code, that was written, tested and debugged myself within 40 hours time frame.

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  • Installed JRE 1.5
  • Color display
  • License Agreement is accepted
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